Scenar Rental


I am based in the UK and have a number of professional scenars available for rental in Europe. I will not post beyond Europe because of problems with customs charges and VAT, as these devices are very valuable. Please click on the model to view the device.


Scenar model
Returnable deposit
Additional rental payable with deposit and every 30 days thereafterTotal cost to you after returning device
Currently rented to
  Chens scenar -basic model
 £300 £75 £2.50 per day Available
 97.4 £700 £120 £4 per day chettum
 97.4 £700 £120 £4 per dayAvailable
 InterX 5000
 £900 £120 £4 per dayAvailable
 NT 2.2 £1100 £150 £5 per dayspin7770




The cost comprises of a deposit and rental charge.

The "Returnable Deposit" represents an approximate value of the device.

The £75/£120/£150 per 30 days is a top up rental charge which you agree to pay in advance for the duration of your loan (£2/£4/£5 a day).

When I receive the device back in good working order, providing it has not been tampered with internally (changing the battery is fine) then I will refund the deposit and any money left over from the rental.

Minimum term is one week, there is no maximum term, but I have the right to have the device back at any point.

You will only pay £2/£4/£5 a day, from the day you receive it to the day you send it back. The rental on the NT devices are a little higher to reflect their usefulness with respect to applying my technique ZAST (see for details)

All except the Chens Scenar are suitable to apply ZAST.

The "Currently rented to" list shows the forum member to whom the device has been loaned. The purpose of this is so that a prospective new customer can if they wish contact the current customer to check that they did actually receive the device and that I didn't run away with their money. To do this however, the prospective new customer would need to join the forum. As a customer, it is not compulsory to be listed here, and if you wish I can specifiy "private" here, so that you will not be contacted. I will make a new customer a member of the forum automatically unless they specify not to be, in which case again the word "private"will appear here. Where "Zephiloyd" appears it means that is the device which I am using and is currently unavailable. If a device is avaliable for rental it is marked as such.

Payment can be made via cheque or more preferrably bank transfer which is easier, quicker, and can be done online.

You cannot have scenar treatment if you use a cardiac pacemaker or have other electrical implants.

Use "Contact Me" on the menu if you wish to rent or reserve a place in the rental queue.