Scenar Attachment Adapters


I present a new product:

The Scenar Attachment Adapter (SAA for short)


This product allows you to connect a RITM, ACUSCEN or INTERX device to a RITM, ACUSCEN or INTERX attachment. Thus, so far there are 6 varieties of the standard SAA. If you have other attachments with same connector, you will only need one adapter for each.


Although both the ACUSCEN and INTERX devices take the same style of jack, the polarity is reversed, which is important if you are using a facial attachment for instance. Also, the ACUSCEN will not recognise an INTERX attachment because the ACUSCEN expects a mono jack but the INTERX attachment is a stereo. The SAA resolves these minor problems.


Aside from the main 6 there are two special version of the SAA. The SAA-RRR allows you to attach 2 RITM attachments, for example 4 pads, or a face and a comb probe. The SAA-RRR2 allows you to split the signal between the 2 probes, activating only one electrode on each, for example using one electrode on a face probe as well as one of the mushroom (aka prawns) attachments, allowing for more experimental techniques to be carried out. One side has the positive active, the other has the negative active. Note that you can achieve the effect of the SAA-RRR2 with the SAA-RRR if you are using the pads or the mushrooms anyway, and any other attachment with electrodes that are well separated. I have only made the RRR so far, but upon request I can make other types for different makes.


Each SAA costs £15 and comes with a 6 month guarantee. Price includes free worldwide P&P. Payment can be made through this page using Paypal, other payment methods are accepted, such as Neteller, cheque and bank transfer. Contact me for more details.


"It really is great having the adapters so I can use all the attachments with all the devices. I am getting fantastic results."

Debra Graham SCENAR therapist HF Pain Relief Centre, Essex, UK





Product : SAA-RA | SAA-RA | Price/Unit : £ 15.00







Product : SAA-RI | SAA-RI | Price/Unit : £ 15.00







Product : SAA-AR | SAA-AR | Price/Unit : £ 15.00






Product : SAA-AI | SAA-AI | Price/Unit : £ 15.00






Product : SAA-IA | SAA-IA | Price/Unit : £ 15.00






Product : SAA-IR | SAA-IR | Price/Unit : £ 15.00







Product : SAA-RRR | SAA-RRR | Price/Unit : £ 15.00







Product : SAA-RRR2 | SAA-RRR2 | Price/Unit : £ 15.00