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front case display:

expert device  SCENAR 97.4

Behind the battery compartment, you will see the date of manufacture to be March 2001

The device operates using a combination of the following parameters. Each parameter is accessed by using a combination of the ON/SCROLL button and the UP and DOWN button. The device emits different electrical beeps at certain points in its operation. Here I have included a full desciption of the readings on the LCD display and the noises from the device.

Upon pressing ON/SCROLL the device "rings its bell" if returning to default values displaying the message "High voltage!" on the screen or a single beep if it returns to the previously set parameters, the timer will then begin counting

Timer (min.secs) 0.01-4.59 (if a button is pressed during this cycle the timer will reset. The device will beep once every thirty seconds and will turn itself off once the timer reaches 5 minutes if no button has been pressed. 

Energy 10/ 11/ 12........248/ 249/ 250 in increments of one, non-cyclical (one long repeating beep at both ends of the range)

Diag=0/ 1 (one long repeating beep at both ends of the range) non-cyclical

Mod=Off/ 1:1(one beep)/  2:1(two beeps)/ 3:1(three beeps)/ 4:1(four beeps)/ 5:1(five beeps)/ FM(speciall beep) cyclical

Dmpf=Off(one long beep)/ Sk1(one beep)/ Sk2(two beeps)/ Sk3(three beeps)/ Sk4(four beeps)/ Var(ring its bell) cyclical

Intens=1.......8 (one long repeating beep at both ends of the range) non-cyclical

Z= 20 default, with a range of 10....80, (one long repeating beep at both ends of the range) non-cyclical

F=59,3Hz default.Other frequencies: 15,3 (one long repeating beep)/ 15,6/ 16,0...............29,0/ 29,7 (one beep)/ 30,5.........57,9/ 59,3 (two beeps)/ 60,8............88,1/ 90,3 (three beeps)/ 92,5............118/ 121 (four beeps)/ 124.................176/ 180 (five beeps)/185.............334/ 343/ 351 (one long repeating beep). At each beep the device pauses momentarily. Each frequency is roughly 2.5% different from the next- non-cyclical

In Diag 1 mode the display changes the timer reaches 99 seconds and begins again with a * in fornt of it. The device will ring its bell at * but not at @ unlike later models.

When pause is selected the device goes into standby mode, but will emitting a "dying beep" if the battery is low.

Here is a manual